Our products and services

Wooden and varnished drawer fronts for kitchen, bathroom and living room

Our products are especially employed in kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom furniture. We cooperate with successful and international manufacturers and furniture sellers from the initial design stage to the production process. That is why we have constantly widen our Know-How and skills in producing custom handmade cabinet doors.

What we do

We co-design and test our doors with our customers

All models are developed on customers specifications and requirements. Design and production are carried out in conjunction with the customer since the initial design stage. Our Test Lab and Technical Dpt will follow the customer in the choise of cabinet doors or drawer fronts and available trimmings.

Once the technical requirements are chosen, the supply mode is selected – that can be “in Series” or “Just in Time”. Our company has dedicated a fully digitalized and automated storehouse for the storage of semi-finished drawer fronts to accommodate customers supply preferences.

Not only cabinet doors and drawer fronts, but also decorative accessories

To round out our already wide range of doors we also supply a vast series of decorative accessories for furniture like columns, capitals, frames, midway units, etc. Your furniture will gain a luxury touch and can be matched to every furniture style.

Know-How and Innovation

Our production of wooden drawer fronts and handmade wooden cabinet doors is completely based on our customers requirements. If necessary, we also collaborate in the planning stage thanks to our 40 years Know-How.
We are able to combine the latest generation varnishing machineries and technologies with our historic craftsmanship which sets us apart from other manufacturers.