Craftsmanship, Know-How and Innovation

Our production of doors and handmade wooden furniture is developed on customer requirements and, if necessary, we also participate in the planning stage.We are happy to share our 40-year Know-How!
Our plants are equipped with latest-generation varnishing machineries and technologies. The craftsmanship that sets our Company apart from other manufacturers has survived and still thrives thanks to our many highly skilled craftsmen.

Lean, Flexible and Just in Time Production

Due to our flexibility and versatility we can go through all the production steps in-house. From the production proper to the finishing of semi-finished products down to the final varnishing. We offer an all-inclusive service – from the processing of the raw door to the tailor-made packaging – and guarantee a high and long-lasting quality. Our “Just in Time” policy allows us to shorten our production time of handmade wooden furniture and optimize resources.

Our focus is on Quality

We are firmly convinced that quality has to be a priority for us, our customers and suppliers. Since the beginning we had clear in mind that control, monitoring and optimization throughout the production process are the key to achieving high-quality wooden and varnished doors.
We meticulously check all our production stages and our machineries periodically undergo all necessary maintenance services. Eventually, before leaving our plant every single door passes a final quality check by our technicians.