Galli: quality and efficiency

Quality has always been the defining word for our drawer fronts and furniture doors.
Over the years this concept has been enlarged to include all our production process so as to fully meet our customer’s requirements.
As a result in 2001 we were granted the ISO 9001 quality certificate.
Market requirements have changed much over the years, from an assembly-line mass production to personalized, tailor-made small series. Following this trend, in 2009 our company started an internal restructuring based on the principles of ‘Just in Time’ and on what we call the ‘Six Nos Factory’.

  • No stock
  • No defects
  • No conflicts
  • No downtime
  • No waiting time for our customers
  • No useless paperwork

Test lab

A beautiful product should also last in time.
That guarantee is provided by our chemical/physical test lab in which we test both new products and new painting and coating processes. Working together with the customer since the early stages of designing and prototyping, we verify that quality standards are met. The lab is equipped with tools to test the resistance to scratches, light, stains, etc, besides a spectrophotometer and a bi-angular gloss meter for colour tone setting and check. For all tests that are not carried out internally or that are specifically required by our customers we cooperate with leading institutes such as Catas, Cosmob and LGA Germany.

Download our tests check list..